35032 – 1/35 – KTO Rosomak – Polish APC “The Green Devil”

KTO Rosomak is a Polish Armored Personnel Carrier based on the Finnish Patria AMV vehicle. It was used by Polish Army in Afghanistan and had proven to be an excellent fighting vehicle that offers great protection to its crew. The nickname “Polish Green Devil” was given to it by the local Taliban fighters, because of it’s resilience and good firepower. The first word of the nickname came from the fact that first Rosomaks to arrive in Afghanistan were not repainted to desert camo yet, they were in standard Polish green color. Production of Rosomak started in 2003, Polish Army has 670 of them in different versions: combat, medevac, technical support. In 2015 a contract was signed to deliver 30 vehicles in Scipio variant to the Slovakian Army.