35065 – 1/35 – 3Ro Italian Truck with 100mm 100/17 Howitzer with crew (4 figures included)

3Ro Italian truck was a 5-cylinder diesel engine vehicle from the Ro line of trucks (Ro Р2-cylinder and Ro-Ro Р3-cylinder). Both Civilian and military versions were produced between 1938 and 1947. It was the main heavy truck of Royal Italian Army during the World War II, serving in Balkans, North Africa and Eastern Front. Around 9500 military vehicles were produced in many variants: general service cargo, troop transport, tank transporter, horse transporter, petrol tank, and more. Some of the trucks were fitted with 100mm 100/17 howitzer or 90mm 90/53 anti-aircraft gun and became self propelled artillery platforms. Large number of the trucks were taken by German Wehrmacht after the Italian armistice of September 8, 1943. Several captured vehicles also served in Allied army, in the heavy section of LRDG forces.


3Ro Italian Truck with Skoda Howitzer