70001 – 1/700 – ORP Ślązak 1943 Hunt II class

The Hunt was one of best known class of destroyer escort of the Royal Navy from World War II period. 86 Hunts of four types were completed, of which 72 were commissioned into the Royal Navy and the remaining 14 were transferred to allied navies – norwegian, polish, greek and Free French. 20 ships of Hunt Type II class were ordered on September 1939. Second, final batch of 16 were ordered on December 1939. Armament of Hunt II class: 6 × QF 4 inch Mk XVI guns on twin mounts, 4 × QF 2 pdr Mk VIII on quad mount, 20 mm Oerlikons on single mounts and depth charges. Seven ships of this type were lost in World War II.
ORP Ślązak started its service in Polish Navy on 30 April 1942. The most famous operation in which it served was the Dieppe raid in August 1942, when it shot down 4 German planes and joined the bombardment of coastal defences. Ślązak’s support let 85 Canadian soldiers to be saved. Its commander kpt. Romuald Nałęcz Tymiński was hailed as a hero both in Poland and Canada. Except the Dieppe raid, Ślązak also took part in escorting Gibraltar convoys and landings in Sicili and Salerno. It was given back to Great Brittain in 1946 and in May 1953 given to the Indian Navy, in which it served until 1976 as “Godavari” (D 92).