72010 – 1/72 – Polish Fiat 508/III (Ambulance)

Polish Fiat 508 was produced in 1930’s of XX century in Poland under license of Italian Fiat. First it was assembled from imported parts, later in 1938 95% of parts was produced in Poland. Fiats produced in Poland had a lot of modification compared to original italian Fiats. They were cheap and popular cars produced in several civil (sedan, cabrio, wagon) and military (wagon, ambulance, off-road “Lazik”) variants. They were used in Polish Army during German invasion of Poland in september 1939. Later lot of Fiats were annexed by Wehrmacht, Red Army and Romanian Army. “Lazik” – military off-road version was completely polish construction. It had remarkable off-road capability and often was armed in polish version of Browning Automatic Rifle – rkm wz.28. There is no exact information on the number of cars produced in the Panstwowe Warsztaty Inzynierii factory in Warsaw but it seems to be several thousands. About 40 Fiat 508’s various versions still exist in running condition.