WAW002 – 1/72 – Panzerkampfwagen┬áII Ausf. a1/a2/a3

Panzer II Ausf. a1/a2/a3 tanks had a construction layout that was traditional for German tanks from the World War II. In the front part of the hull there was a steering compartment with a gear unit, in the central part there was a crew compartment, and in the back there was a drive compartment secured with a fire barrier (from Ausf. A2 version). A superstructure with a turret and main armament (Kwk 20 mm L/55 armature) and a machine gun was mounted above the hull by the means of steel angles and screws. In front, on the left there was a steering compartment where there was a seat of a driver-mechanic who drove the tank with the use of two control levers located on both sides of the seat. The radio operator occupied the seat in the rear of the crew compartment (on the left), and the commander-gunner occupied the seat in the crew compartment and partly in the turret. Suspension and hull were constructed by M.A.N. from Nuremberg (bnd), the superstructure and the turret were made by Daimler-Benz from Berlin.