WAW005 – Pz. Kpwf. II Ausf. A

In 1937, after the introduction of a completely new chassis in Panzer II Ausf. c tanks and satisfactory results of field tests, the German Army Weapons Agency (Heereswaffenamt) decided to start the large scale production of the following variants of Panzer II tanks: Pz.Kpfw. II Sd. Kfz 121 Ausf. A (210), Ausf. B (384), Ausf. c (364), Ausf. F (509). Similar to earlier versions – Panzer II Ausf. a1, a2, a3, b, c – Panzer II Ausf. A tanks were assumed to provide fire support with its 20 mm anti-tank gun to Panzer I tanks that were armed in two 7.92 mm calibre machine guns only, and to perform the function of reconnaissance vehicles, but in practice they become universal vehicles. During the invasion of Poland in 1939, Panzer II tanks were successfully used to destroy poorly armoured vehicles of the Polish Army.